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Driveway & Patio Cleaning

Block Paving Cleaning

Block paving has become increasingly popular over the last few years and is seen regularly on driveways and even patios. Over time, like most hard surfaces that are exposed to the elements, block paving can begin to look dirty and a bit tired. Our block paving cleaning service will help to restore your driveway or patio to its original condition and, as an option, we can also apply a block paving sealer to prevent long-term damage to your patio or driveway. Why not book a free block paving cleaning site survey today?

There are up to five key stages to properly cleaning block paving

  • Firstly if you have bad weed growth these should be pre-treated with a systemic weed killer up to a week before cleaning.
  • The block paving should then be washed with a high pressure, high volume cleaner which will remove the surface contaminants, as well as about 15mm depth of the jointing sand to remove the shallow rooted weeds and moss.
  • An optional biocide wash, Blackjack Pav Klean, is then applied to kill any underlying roots, moss spores and any remaining lichens or black spot.
  • The blocks must then be left until they are completely dry, usually a day or two in the summer months but may be longer during the colder weather, before the jointing sand is replaced with kiln dried silica sand which is brushed into the joints with all excess sand removed.
  • Finally, an optional sealer is applied, this will bind the jointing sand together making it far harder for weeds to grow in the future as well as enhancing the colour of the paving and give it a degree of protection from future staining. Blackjack have various sealer options available from ‘invisible’ joint stabilisers to ‘colour enhancing’ block sealers.

Tarmac Cleaning & Restoration

Over time, tarmac degrades due to exposure to sun, rain, freeze/thaw cycles, de-icing salts, fuel, oil, wear and tear etc which dry it out and damage it. The binder or “glue” holding the aggregate together will break down resulting in cracks in the top layer which, if left untreated, will allow water penetration causing more cracks, ruts and potholes and the eventual breakdown of the tarmac. By edging, cleaning and repairing all damage first and then applying a tarmac sealer, the tarmac can be protected and further damage prevented ensuring a longer lasting and aesthetically pleasing driveway.

Concrete Cleaning

Decorative concrete paving, whether it is Imprinted Concrete, Stencilled Concrete or just coloured and brushed, looks fabulous when first laid.

The companies that supply the colours and sealers for decorative concrete, Blackjack Surface Technology included, recommend that every two or three years you should have the paving cleaned and re sealed to protect the surface finish from the effects of weather.

Over time the surface will loose its sheen and the colours will fade. If left for a long time untreated the surface of the concrete can start to wear and the colour loss can be permanent.

To restore decorative concrete to its ‘first laid’ appearance we will firstly clean the surface with our high pressure, high volume cleaning equipment and leave to dry. We will then assess the individual requirements of the paving and, if needed, can tint the surface to replace any missing colour. We then seal the surface with Blackjack concrete sealer to lock in the colour and protect the surface for another two or three years. We can replace worn or missing jointing compound from contraction joints if required.

Natural Stone Restoration

Natural stone makes for a lovely driveway or patio. It’s unique shape and colours makes for a truly amazing effect. Each stone is as individual as the next, the stones come in so many colours with dazzling lines and contours. It doesn’t come cheap though, these stones can set you back thousands of pounds, so why spend all that money on a show stopping driveway or patio to let it get dirty. Here's where we can help. If cleaned yearly, natural stone will give you years of trouble free beauty.