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Working Out the Surface Area

What You Need: Tape measure, calculator, string, chalk, notepad and pen.

Measuring Rectangular Driveways and Patios

Measure the length and width of the your driveway or patio in feet. Multiply these two numbers together to find the total square footage of the area. For example, a 20-by 40-foot driveway has a total surface area of 800 square feet.

Measuring Irregular Shaped Driveways and Patios

Mark unevenly shaped driveways off with chalk or string into as many square sections as you can. Measure the surface area of each of these sections or, if all sections are the same size, measure one and multiply its area by the number of square sections. For example, a driveway marked into 80 sections of 10 square feet each has a total marked area of 800 square feet. Write this number down in a notepad and proceed to measure the irregular sections.

Measuring Triangular Driveways and Patios

Calculate the area of triangular sections by multiplying the length of the longest side, or the base, by the height of the triangle, or the distance from the base to the peak. Divide this number in two to find the surface area for each triangular section. For example, a triangular section with a 3-foot base and a 3-foot height yields 9 feet, divided by two for a final measurement of 4 1/2 square feet.

Measuring Round Shaped Driveways and Patios

Measure circular sections by first calculating the radius. Find the radius by measuring the diameter, or the distance across the circle through the centre, then dividing that number in half. If the circle's diameter is 22 feet, its radius is 11 feet. Find the square of the radius by multiplying the number by itself. In this example, multiply 11 by 11 for a total of 121. Multiple the square of the radius by pi, rounded to 3.1416. So 121 times 3.1416 is 380.1336, which rounds to 380.13 square feet.

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